Cherry Moon was and remains one of the biggest names in Belgian club-life, with more than 25 years of experience!

Since the start of the club in 1991, we have brought the best techno, hard-trance and house to the scene. During the 90's and early 00's, Cherry Moon was the place to be for clubbers from all over Belgium, France, the Netherlands and even other European countries.

With exclusive parties like Rave Explosion, Teknoville, Kaos and later Blow the Speakers, Robert Armani's B-day party and off course the famous Retro Editions and Anniversaries, the club quickly became a favorite for many clubbers. It created a loyal following of Cherry Moon fans who to this day still come and party on our events, up to 20 to 25 years after their first visit.

The crazy atmosphere which the Cherry Moon party people create is one of a kind and still reflects in the brand that Cherry Moon is today.

Even though the club was closed in 2013, we keep bringing you the parties you all want and this all over Belgium. And we will keep bringing you the best retro vibes, awesome lightshows and banging sound-systems for the next years to come.



[CRM005] Another Dimension EP

Greg Denbosa


[CRM004] Beyond The Stranger EP

Return Of The Native


[CRM003] Olive

Dimitri Cooman, T78


[CRM002] Sunset EP

[ Wex 10 ]


[CMR001] My Bluntness EP

Jam El Mar



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